Reviews from Massagebook.com

Becky C. Mar 2018

 Tonya continually seeks to work on those areas of my body that are causing pain and discomfort. She is an attentive listener and utilized her skills to increase my quality of life.

 Anonymous Mar 2018
Tonya is awesome. I drive a truck for work. Have been to her now for 5 sessions. The first session she noticed problems about my back that a chiropractor and spinal orthopedics either didn’t pick up or didn’t tell me about. Is very up front about what she finds and what she wants to do and what she wants you to do at home to help. Definitely not a “foo-foo” massage for pain relief. Have been feeling a huge difference since going to her. Highly recommend for chronic pain relief in any part of body.

 Bill F. Mar 2018
Tonya was amazing and worked my problem areas to great success. I felt rejuvenated and my problem areas felt tons better. I lift weights and work out all the time and I’m adding this to my regiment!

 Anonymous Jan2018

This was the first time I ever had a massage and I did not know what to expect. Tammy was extremely professional and put me completely at ease. The room was very welcoming and calm and the music was absolutely wonderful. She even had a heated table—-something I never expected. I was very very nervous and even though I had always been curious about massage my nervousness kept me at bay. Tammy is helping me with a frozen shoulder by doing specific medical massage that I worried would be painful. Instead, my pain went away and improved my mobility. I did not want to leave! I highly recommend her services. She is truly a healer and I look forward to repeated visits.

Response From Business:

Thank you so much and so happy to be of assistance. *This client contact me and wanted me to know their phone auto corrected to Tammy when it should be Tonya and wanted a note to be attached.


Judy M. Nov. 2017

I am so pleased to have found Tonya. I feel that she has the skills to make a lasting difference in pain and muscle spasms for me.


 Anonymous Nov. 2017

Tonya was very professional, very knowledgeable and very skilled. So glad to have found her. I will definitely be returning.

Sarah R. Aug. 2017

Tonya is a miracle worker!

Response From Business:

Praise God! So glad you are having wonderful experience in achieving your goals. Thank you for the opportunity to assist you.

Teresa M.     Jul 2017
Tonya did an amazing massage. My shoulders haven’t been this loose in years…looking forward to going back!!!

Becky B.   May 2017

She explained anything she was doing as we went through the session. I felt better but still have a way to go

Connie C. Jan 2017

Tonya is always friendly and makes you comfortable. The best is her skills in knowing how to work on my body needs. She finds the root of the problem that causes pain or discomfort.

Gwen W. Mar 2016:

This was unlike any massage I’ve ever had but felt it was more therapeutic to my overall wellness. I will definitely go back!
Sara O. Nov 2015:
Tonya is a gifted and very knowledgeable licensed massage therapist and I recommend her very highly.

Tonya has really been able to help me with neck, hip, and ankle issues! Most of the time I have entered her office in significant pain and left feeling much better! Usually with only a few treatments, my pain is totally gone! I fully recommend her for any of your massage needs!

I have been going to Tonya for years and she has always been able to make the pain ease up then go away. Thank you Tonya for relieving my shoulder pain, back pain, leg pain, heel pain…I don’t know what I would do without your helping hands and kind heart.

I have been going to Tonya for about 3 years now. She is excellent!  I had a car accident, so I found her online as someone that could help with that type of pain/therapy. Wow, she helped me so much with my neck, hips, and back. She does a certain technique that is very unique and effective for past injury. LOVE HER!